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Bianzone (mt. 444)

A welcoming Bianzone thinks the Church of the Madonna del Piano, a beautiful example of baroque architecture, but preserves the Romanesque bell tower.
Enveloped by beautiful terraces devoted to grape growing, thanks to which we produce the best wines from Valtellina, a small town offers a vision of the ancient Dominican Monastery "La Gatta", today held winery.
The echoes of the past are felt even stronger thanks to the presence in the country of Lambertenghi Palace of the XVI century, in which one can see the beautiful room with the ceiling painted, depicting five scenes inspired by the "Jerusalem Delivered."
Overlooks the town and the baroque Church of San Siro.
Bianzone has kept its culinary traditions, especially through the preparation of chisciol, made with buckwheat flour, an ancient culture of the place, and stuffed with local cheese, and after a gastronomic experience, there are opportunities for fascinating excursions on foot or Cycling along the slopes of the town to the vineyards.